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Woody Hoffman

Medium: Wood Turning​


After retirement, Sherwood “Woody" Hoffman needed something to occupy his time. He decided to pursue photography, which evolved into an out of control hobby. He and his wife Peggy, also an artist, traveled across the United States selling his work at art shows and they even opened the Silverton Mountain Gallery in Silverton, Colorado, during the summer months. 


Woody eventually became bored and needed a change and returned to woodturning a previous skill he had practiced.  After attending many symposiums to become acquainted with the newer methods and equipment, he was ready to turn. Most of the wood in his pieces are destined for firewood or the landfill.   Many have a food-safe finish and can be used as serving pieces, and he also creates display pieces that usually have turquoise inlays or other forms of adornments.  According to Woody, "Woodturning also became a hobby out of control."  

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