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Jan Minow

Mixed Media and Painting

Jan earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Boulder in Colorado and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Arts Administration from SUNY in New York. She has exhibited her art in New York, Colorado, California, and Las Cruces. She says, “My creative productivity has always come in bursts when time and space have allowed me to concentrate on art. Although in the past I most often worked in a non-objective style, pictures that are not of a particular object or scene, I have been inspired in recent years to incorporate more abstract and graphic representations of figures, landscapes, and nature.”


In addition to paintings, she also enjoys working in paper, clay, and mosaic, as well as creating jewelry under the business name jem jewelry.  She especially enjoyed creating an indoor 360-degree landscape mural for Bear River Retreat in Nevada County, Calif.  Minow says about her artistic focus, “My paintings explore the interrelationship of color, line, shape, composition, the nature of the paint medium and how the dynamics of these elements come together to form a successful work of art. Some works are completely non-objective, and in others, I bring in abstract images while still concentrating on color and composition.”





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