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Tess Lane 

Ravenwing Jewelry 


Media: enamel on copper and silver 



Tess Lane has designed jewelry in various media, including sterling silver, metal clay, stones, glass, beads and wire wrapping for two decades. Her focus since moving to Las Cruces in 2020 has been on enameling, and she has developed a unique marbling effect for her latest line of swirling blue, turquoise and green enamel jewelry, Ciel et Mar. 


Tess’ designs are inspired by nature, especially the stunning skies over the Organ mountains, as well as her time living in the Hawaiian islands. She is an avid traveler and loves to visit museums, galleries and markets around the world. Since retiring in 2016 from teaching Spanish and ESL in Hawaii, Tess enjoys creating and exploring art daily. She feels very fortunate to reside in the vibrant and friendly artistic community of Picacho Hills.

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