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Karen Harper

Medium: Stamping Artist


Karen Harper is a retired elementary school teacher. She graduated from New Mexico State University in 1983 and began her teaching career at San Miguel Elementary School. In 1990 Karen moved to Washington State and continued her teaching career.  She always integrated art into teaching practice art in my teaching. 


She taught my students the art of making memory books from the pictures taken during the school year. They learned how to frame images and lay them out on decorated paper. These books were student-created and a wonderful treasure to remember their year in Karen's class.  


She was introduced to card making using rubber stamps, inks, and beautiful papers, and she was hooked. "I took every class I could and began making cards and teaching others this beautiful art form," said Karen.  She teaches classes,  sells her cards at art shows, and she takes custom orders. In 2020 Karen began selling card kits so others can make these works of art from their homes. 


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