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Jan Severson

Medium: Weaver


Jan Severson spent her professional life with a major computer company as an education consultant.  Her job took her all around the States as well as Canada.  When she retired she continued to work with individuals and companies as a computer consultant.


Jan and her husband Larry made their way from their home state of Oregon, to Michigan and then on to Florida.  When they both retired, they climbed into their RV in search of adventure and sightseeing.  Along their travels, they discovered Las Cruces, New Mexico, and decided this was the place that they wanted to be.  After 3 years on the road, they set down their roots in a new home with a beautiful view of the Mesilla Valley and the Organ Mountains.


By accident, and with a good friend’s encouragement, she started weaving baskets and found that it had become a passion that brought her a great sense of joy and accomplishment.  While she prefers the colors of nature, you will often find her weaving with colorful reed, yarns and beads, and some with very whimsical shapes





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