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Greta Burger

Name: Greta Burger (Cathouse Glass)

Medium: Mixed Media



Greta hails from northern Indiana and spent more than 20 years in the colder climes of Alaska and Quebec before settling in Las Cruces. She is mostly self-taught through experimentation but has also taken classes at Bullseye Glass in Portland, OR and Santa Fe, NM. She started her adventures in glass with the Mississippi Artmakers outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, learning the fundamentals of stained glass. After moving to New Mexico, she expanded her portfolio to include fused and cast glass as well as mixed media to incorporate copper and steel. Her sculptures range in size from 6 inches, known as Lil' Bits, to over 6 feet tall and can easily be placed indoors or out. Greta also makes functional glass platters and bowls and artistic glass designs.

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