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Donna A. Wood

NM Signature Artist

Medium: Watercolor



As an elementary teacher, Donna was involved with an Arts Council in New Hampshire and taught a "Budding Artist Program" to children 6-10 years of age during the summer. She has always loved art, and since retiring to New Mexico has been influenced by the colors of the desert and local artist's work, inspiring her to take workshops in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and Cloudcroft. 


Her work is evolving and changing, and each new painting leads to new ideas and creativity. She takes an image and then creates a design around that image.  "I consider myself to be a Creative Design Artist. I let my imagination dictate where I put the next color and what intensity I use. I keep the principles and elements of design in mind, but my creativity comes from within.  Abstraction and use of color are very important to me."


Her latest paintings include puzzle pieces that symbolize Autism.  Donna is very committed to the Autism community having taught autistic children and knowing families raising autistic children. Proceeds from this work will go to HEARTS FOR AUTISM Empowering Families of Southern NM, a local organization. All paintings are 15x 18 Inches. 
( vertical and horizontal) and are $150.

Donna's work has been shown at the Fine Arts Building in Albuquerque, Branigan Cultural Center, the Farm, and Ranch Museum, and the Tombaugh Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  


Donna displaying her work at the Picacho Hills Country Club.


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