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Marie Siegrist

Medium: Watercolor

Secondary Medium: Acrylics


Marie has painted since childhood.  One of her earliest recollections of painting was when her parents gave her a little pail of water and a paintbrush and asked her to “paint the garage”.    She painted the boards as high as her arms could reach with the brush dunked in water and she delighted in the pattern the water made as it ran down the brown paint of the garage.  Painting has been a passion ever since.  Now she paints with color, design, and light.  Watercolor and other Watermedia such as acrylic, casein, and watercolor pencils are her favorite mediums.


Her background includes study with many nationally known Watercolor Artists and Workshops at the University of Wisconsin Extension.  She taught watercolor in the Madison Area Technical College System for many years and also conducted self-promoted workshops and classes.  She continues to teach in Las Cruces.


Marie’s subject matter is wide and varied including dramatic skies, landscapes, up close nature studies, flower themes, interesting doors and windows and other enticing subjects that present themselves, making it impossible not to paint them.   Most of her work begins in the field with sketches, notes, and supporting photos, then the process of planning and designing begins in her studio.


Membership in several art organizations including New Mexico Watercolor Society, in which she achieved Signature Status in 2010, Artforms & Las Cruces Arts Association, Artists of Picacho Hills, and associate membership in the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic (NSPCA) have been an inspiration to strive for excellence in her chosen medium.

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