Paul Maxwell's Neighborhood gallery
"Fandango" by Judy Bess
"Scrappy Dragonfly" by Greta Burger
Sally Sorensen
Holly Day House 2019
"Pink and Red" by Karen S Conley
"Cunning Coyote"
"Humming Bird Man" by Larry Felhauer
Deb Moore
Lyndon Fruit
Cherie Gamboa
Marilyn Hansen
"Milky Way" by Mary Hayhoe
Holly Day House 2019
"Morley Church" by Peggy Hoffman
Woody Hoffman
"Montana Cowboys" by Rebecca Johnson
Linda Lee
Jeffie Mackey
"New Patriot" by Paul Maxwell
"Plum Prickly" by Rosemary McKeown
Rosemary McKeown
"Fish Out of Water" by Jan Minow
Holly Day House 2019
Janice Newman
Lana Payne
Marylin Payne
Jan Severson
"Dawn Over the Mesilla Valley"
Holly Day House 2019
Jan Thune
"Drips" by Donna A. Wood
Suki Duran
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“Holly Day House For Charity" coming in December.  Details to be published.
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