Statement of purpose

The Artists of Picacho Hills, founded in 2008, is a diverse group of artists who meet to share our talents, knowledge and friendship.  We  are dedicated to promoting original art.  We provide social and educational opportunities for artists of the Picacho Hills community who produce art on a professional or emerging level of skill.



Artists who produce original work are eligible for membership in this organization.  Members must belong to the Picacho Hills/Picacho Mountain community, an area which includes all property that can be accessed from Picacho Hills Drive north of U.S.70.

Participation in events sponsored by the Artists of Picacho Hills requires approval by an independent juror in each media that is to be exhibited. 

Annual membership dues are to be paid in full by January 1st or upon joining the Artists of Picacho Hills.  

Members electing to participate in sponsored events will be assessed entry fees prior to the event. 



Color, Texture, Pattern:  the Tapestry of New Mexico Life 

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Contact information: If you would like to receive e-mails to alert you to shows in which our members will be participating, send your address to:



Chair and Vice Chair

Karen Conley 


Larry Felhauer 





Jan Severson -



Steve Bailey      


Lori Shalett