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Laurel Weathersbee

Laurel works with large cut and torn paper watercolor collages of Southwest landscapes. She uses a series of cut paper watercolor collages inspired by antique quilt patterns and handmade books constructed of handmade paper. Her work often includes photos, small paintings, calligraphy; children's picture books; large handmade paper, and natural object constructions.   


She is a signature member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, member of International Society of Experimental Artists, member of International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists. In addition, she is a  blogger at


Her objective is to continue to develop her drawing, painting, and collage skills. "I want to find ways to share my love of nature and art with others by exhibition, teaching workshops, individual instruction and books." 


Artists Statement:

"For me, the Southwest desert is THE most inspiring place. Here is an endless variety of geological formations, spicy-fragrant plant life, fascinating wildlife, and, most of all, awesome skyscapes that go on forever and ever. Considering my fascination with the place, my creative abilities and training, painting makes perfect sense for me. I want to use whatever tools and talents I may have to share my joy in the desert with others."




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