Suki Duran

Medium: Watercolorist




Suki Duran has two passions gardening and art. She learned a lot about gardening from her mother growing up on their farm in South Korea.  She has used that knowledge to design beautiful gardens every place she has lived. The love of plants can be seen in many of her paintings of beautiful landscapes and flowers. 


In 1971, Suki came to the United States and studied at New Mexico State University. She has lived in New York where she was involved in the fashion industry. She also lived in Tampa and Tallahassee Florida, then in San Antonio, Texas before moving to Las Cruces in 2001. While in San Antonio, she was active as president of the Windcrest Art League and participated in the Riverwalk Art Gallery.


Suki began painting in watercolors while in high school. Watercolor is her favorite medium but she has also painted with oils and acrylics. Currently she is enjoying photography as an outlet for her artistic talents.