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Sharon Cunningham

Name: Sharon Cunningham

Medium: Quilting



Sharon has lived most of her life in New Mexico. She and her husband moved from Farmington to Las Cruces several years ago in search of a warmer climate, more access to outdoor activities, and to be closer to family.  Before retirement, she worked in health care primarily in hospital and community health care clinics as a medical and registered radiology technologist. She spent the last ten years of her career as a health care administrator managing a community and behavioral health care facility, a hospital urgent care unit, and, last but not least, a private physician practice.


When Sharon's first grandchild was born, she learned to quitlt., her to make   Quilting gives her a sense of accomplishment because it is a tangible product that can be touched and enjoyed.   She began to enter her quilts in country fairs, placing second place several years in a row and then was asked to become a judge.