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Jan Thune

Medium: Fiber Art

Jan has traveled her own unique path as an artist; incorporating her hands, the loom, and the many colors and textures in her weavings. Each activity feeds her imagination, whether it is music, animals, or her immediate surroundings.


In her contemporary world where rules can be broken, where warps can turn into wefts collecting detritus can stimulate the mind beyond the safety of traditional ways. Weaving allows a good deal of time for thought, not only on the immediate production of the work on the loom or nonloom, but also on the broader and more fundamental problems involved in the design of the object.  


"In my work as a weaver and designer, I gain insight through mass of experiments, blunders, and muddles. My work is intended to please the eye and arouse thoughts and emotions. It has no other function, and if this fails its value vanishes."


















Jan discussing her work at the 2019 Art in the Garden.


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