Sharon Cunningham  learned to quilt when her first grandchild was born and a friend insisted that she make a baby quilt.  The friend promised to help her but left town before the quilt was even halfway finished. Sharon  had no idea what to do next so she took the patches to the local quilt store and was given the assistance needed to complete the project.  Quilting gave her a sense of accomplishment because there was ...

Lonnie Wilson used her creativity as a successful interior designer in La Quinta, California and Portland Oregon. Clients ranged from CEO's of companies such as Nike and Hewlett Packard to celebrities like Michael Allen Harrison and Sally Struthers. After retiring to Las Cruces in 2006, she found an outlet for her creativity in basket weaving.

Gregg Tracy combines mesquite and turquoise to make large pieces of furniture and tiny keepsake boxes. He is constantly trying new things and works at them until he masters them. One of his challenges was creating hinges made of wood. To see more of Gregg's work, visit  

Jan Severson and her husband Larry traveled in their RV for three years searching for the perfect place to live as a retiree. They discovered it in Las Cruces and have put down roots in their new home with the gorgeous view of the Mesilla Valley and the Organ Mountains.

Quite by accident she found that she loves weaving baskets. With a friend's encouragement she has developed this pastime into a consuming passion ...

How do you suppose a person who bikes, plays tennis, and plays golf competitively finds time for art? Rosemary McKeown must know the answer because she does them all and does them well. Her business background was also competitive and art became her stress reliever. She paints in oils and has always been inspired by southwest landscapes. To learn more about Rosemary and see more samples of her work visit


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