Today it is raining and refreshing all of the gardens on the hill. Great timing. The forecast for next Sunday, the day of the tour, is "abundant sunshine." Hope you are all looking forward to this event and including it in your plans.

Dave Herberger takes pieces of metal and does fantastic things with them. You may see them spinning in the wind outside his home or behaving more sedately in his living room lighting up the area. Before you get to the front door you will find a gate different from any other that you have seen.  To learn more about Dave and see pictures of some of his creations visit:


 Let nothing go to waste could be Sherry Gara's motto. She started silk painting because she had so many dyes in her cupboard from other projects. Looking at Sherry's scarves and wraps is liking taking a piece of a beautiful garden indoors and then draping it around your shoulders. You immediately feel that you are glamorous.

To see some of Sherry's work and learn more about her, visit:


Jim Kimball is another of our members that is enthralled by wood. As a shop teacher, Jim passed this interest on to many others along with the knowledge  and skills involved in working successfully with wood. He felt it was important for young people to have these utilitarian skills in everyday life as well as having a skill that could become a vocation.

After retirement, Jim became interested in turning bowls on ...

Wanda Sparks loves gourds. She has hundreds in her work area. She likes to have the right shaped gourd when she gets a new idea so that she can try it out. The thing that Wanda likes about gourds is that you can do so many different things with them. Any technique that can be used on wood or paper can be done on a gourd.

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