Wanda Sparks
Name:Wanda Sparks
Medium:Gourd Art
Address: 10230 Tuscany Drive
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007

About Me

Ohio, Arizona, California, back to Arizona, now New Mexico with some time in Utah and South Carolina. In other words I have moved several times but there has always been some involvement with art in the various places I have lived. My art training includes work at Miami University and Wright State University in art education and art history. Later work was at Arizona State University in drawing, painting, and woodcarving. While living in Arizona, I taught art at the junior high level and sold in local galleries, but that was back in the middle ages.

In 2004, I started playing with gourds and haven't stopped since. I use the word playing because it is so much fun. It may be 100 degrees with the sweat running freely, but I am still enjoying myself. My garage is filled with gourds and there are always several projects in various stages. There are so many techniques to try that every gourd offers an opportunity for a new and exciting adventure.

Lately, I became interested in encaustic painting and that is the newest technique that I experiement with on gourds as well as canvas.