Matthew Henn
Matthew Henn
Name:Matthew Henn
Medium:Oil paint

About Me

Matt Henn is a self-taught painter who has been working his craft for over twenty years. He is a studio artist, painting mainly from his own photographs and sketches. The majority of his paintings may be considered Impressionistic and Expressionistic. "I used to concentrate on capturing the light in nature as it presented itself. Now I am not always striving for that effect in the work. I spend time in a particular area and often come back to the studio and just paint what I feel, from the emotions emitted by a desert scene or area, because to me, the desert offers up to the visitor, a complex variety of harshness, foreboding and above all, beauty. Painting landscapes does not have to be about tone, or color, or replication." 

Matt has had one man shows in San Antonio, Dallas and New York. Some of his works have gone to collectors and others hang in Japan and England. 

Currently, Matt is completing his third series on areas in and around Big Bend and the Chihuahuan desert.