Linda Lee
Name:Linda Lee
Address:1328 Techo Alto Court
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007

About Me

High Desert Stones

The stones featured in my jewelry were found in the high desert of southern New Mexico along the routes of my desert walks in Picacho Mountain. Each stone has been individually selected for its hidden potential and then tumbled and polished for many weeks to reveal its inner beauty. Only a small percentage of the stones emerge from the process in a condition “perfect” enough to be used in High Desert Stones jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and the stones dictate the design. Stones are strung on leather cord, fine silver, black or copper strands, colored ribbon, silk cord – or in combination.

Recently I have become intrigued with the beautiful stones on the beaches of Tolo, Greece.I individually select these stones, as well, and now create jewelry with them.Bringing out the beauty in these Mediterranean stones necessitates a different process that requires hand polishing.